About our club

 Caring About People In the Northern Neck

The Northern Neck Rotary Club is an integral part of Rotary International (RI).  RI is a worldwide organization of more than 1.25 million business, professional and community leaders providing humanitarian service, encouraging high ethical standards and helping to build goodwill and peace in the world.

The Northern Neck Rotary Club works within Lancaster and Northumberland Counties to suport local charities which provide service directly to those in need.  Additionally the Club offers scholarships to students graduating from high schools in the two counties to provide assistance in pursuing a college or vocational education.  The primary fund raising effort is named CAPINNÉ, which is an ancronym formed from the philosophical statement "Caring About People in the Northern Neck".  The club supports Rotary projects internationally through other designated fund raising projects such as the annual Christmas Tree Sale. 
The Northern Neck Rotary Club is a breakfast club meeting at Lee's Restaurant on Main Street in Kilmarnock at 7:30 AM each Wednesday morning.

 Rotary Is:

1.  An organization of business and professional people pledged to uphold the highest of personal and professional standards.
2.  It is a service club.   The oldest in the United States
3.  It is international with 33,800+ clubs in over 200 countries.
4.  It us a club whose members recognize and exemplify the charity and sacrifices that one should expect from those who believe they have a responsibility to help others.
5.  It is "Service Above Self"
Rotary is not:
A religious organization but Rotarians believe in a higher power.
A political organization but Rotarians are well informed citizens.
Four Way Test 
These bring clarity to all business and personal interactions
In all we say or do:
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2.  Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4.  Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Northern Neck Rotary Meetings:


1. Weekly Wednesday, 7:30 AM at Lee’s Restaurant, 30 S Main St.,Kilmarnock, Virginia.

a.     Program responsibilities are shared by members on a schedule prepared by the Club Service Director.

b.     A business meeting is held the second Wednesday of each month.

2. FellowshipsSocial get-togethers are held quarterly, usually in place of that week's meeting.  Spouses are encouraged to attend and it is a great time to get to know your fellow members better.  The fellowships are often held at a member’s home.  Hosting the fellowship is strictly voluntary and the costs of the food and refreshments are covered by club members.

3. District opportunities occur throughout the year, highlighted by the annual District Conference.

4. InternationalRotary International holds an international convention annually at locations all over the world.


Club Organization

Members in the club are expected to serve on at least one club and one CAPINNÉ committee. 

Officers serve from July 1 to June 30. Current officers include:

President      Sam Nuckols                                          
President Elect –   Bob Mullen
Secretary –   Skip Ackerly                                      
Treasurer  Ken Knull
 Past President-   Nina Thompson  
 Service Directors & Committee Chairs
Club Service -           Skip Ackerly             RI Foundation -         Dick Slember
Community Service       Davis Smith CAPINNÉ Chairperson-  Glenda Haynie
Membership    Iris Treakle Scholarship Committee-   Carol Spengler
Historian-- Rick Turney
Public Relations-- 

Northern Neck Rotary Charitable Trust

The trust is a non-profit 501 (3)(c) tax exempt fund into which and from which funds are managed to carry out the club projects and programs of service.  Funds are typically used to support local Charities in Lancaster and Northumberland counties providing services directly to people in the area.

Trustees:  Sam Nuckols, Nina Thompson, Bob Mullen

TreasurerDick Slember 

Distribution Chair Skip Ackerly

Member Commitments
                1. Local Dues = $89 per quarter
                2. District Dues = $35 per year
    3. International Dues = $73 per year
    4. Initiation fee= $25 upon induction
    5. A member may elect to add $25 per quarter to the dues to become a Sustaining Member.
    6. The cost of our breakfasts is included in the local dues. The club will pay for up to 3 initial breakfasts for prospective members. Members will be responsible to pay for social guests (currently $8.00). Dues are combined and assessed by the Treasurer on a quarterly basis.
        7. Rotary’s goal is to have every member attend at least 60% of the weekly meetings.  “Make-up” meetings with other clubs worldwide are encouraged.  Members are encouraged to strive for 100% attendance in club meetings and activities.

 Birthdays – each member is asked to give a birthday present of $20 to purchase a book for a local library.